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Shannara Belle Amore

S: Belissimo M (IFS)
D: Tooradin Park Shanti (Daiquiri GF)

Xena has always been a favourite and was going to be retained - it was only upon realisation that they are all wasting in the paddock that I have decided to part with her. She had a light start with Rowan Sheridan (ESI coach) but came home with bruising after kicking the yards prior to being fully finished. Late 2023 I started long reining her and had my first couple of sits at the walk just before 5 months of wet weather set in.

Shannara D (Gavin)

S: Daiquiri GF
D: Coldstream Porcelain Doll (Milky 
Way GF)

Gavin was extremely well handled as a youngster due to being born the night I

Shannara Ducati

S: Daiquiri GF
D: Aralien Tiger Lilly

Ducati is full brother to my heart horse Caspar (Shannara mon Dieu) and he is showing a very similar temperament - they're like the service dogs of the horse world. He is an extremely elegant, leggy boy, he looks like he will be a bit finer boned than Caspar (probably due to gelding age differences) and is extremely quiet, trainable and sensible. I am gutted Tiger gave me yet another colt as Ducati would have been my dream filly

Shannara Chimmeur

S: Charmeur (IFS)
D: Araluen Tiger Lilly (Byalee Briar)

Ginger is a huge and extremely talented mare, she has done a few stints with professional trainers and has produced an incredible filly by Zafferano. Currently, I am planning to rider her myself for a while, however due to her size and would like to find a talented rider to show off just how good she is

Shannara Charmed

2019 Palomino Warmblood Filly

S: Charmeur (IFS)

D: Araluen Tiger Lilly (Byalee Briar)

DOB: 09/09/2019

Charm is the full sister to Shannara Chimmeur, she is a gorgeous dark non-seasonal palomino with a beautiful elegant head.  She's a lovely modern filly with a great trainable nature and excellent paces. She is mature and ready to start her saddle career. Currently just under 16hh she isn't going to be huge like her sister

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